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Ignite your Data, use conversational AI to

Move data in real-time from source to destination without IT expertise.

DataLux Tube screenshot

Designed for everybody: easy to use with robust features

An AI first tool, where conversation based interaction is a first-citizen. Allowing non-expert users to set up, operate and interact with data pipelines.

  • Fast and fully self-serviced setup and operation.
  • Short implementation time.
  • Secure, out-of-the box support for databases, apps, APIs.
  • Transfer and synchronize data in real-time.

Pre-configured data connectors

Quickly set up a data pipeline with built-in connectors for, relational databases, cloud storage platforms, SaaS apps, APIs and more.


Chat based data connector management

AI augmented, conversational set up and management of new data connectors using 3rd party documentation and schema definitions.


Automatic schema discovery

Tube crawlers connect to your source and target data stores and systems, automatically determines the schema for your data.

Seamlessly Embrace New Data Sources with Ease

Use Tube's continuously expanding data connectors or create your own

With an extensive library of pre-built connectors and a user-friendly interface, our solution ensures a frictionless onboarding experience, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required for integrating new data sources.

Whether it's harnessing the power of IoT devices, incorporating data from cutting-edge platforms, or integrating proprietary databases, DataLux Tube enables businesses to stay ahead in the data integration game.

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Key Features

Accelerate Insights with Seamless Efficiency

Scalable Pipelines

Experience unparalleled scalability with our product, effortlessly handling vast datasets and intricate transformations, ensuring optimal performance without compromising speed or responsiveness in data processing.

Real-time Processing

Empower your real-time decision-making with our product's cutting-edge capabilities. Say goodbye to delays in data availability as our solution is meticulously designed for optimized real-time processing, making it ideal for industries like finance and IoT where timely analytics is paramount.

Diverse Data Formats

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our product, having seamless integration with Big Data formats, also smooth connectivity with APIs, handling arbitrary schemas. DataLux Tube empowers you to create unified data pipelines that adapt effortlessly to the dynamic nature of modern data ecosystems.

Cost Efficient

Embark on your data journey with minimal financial constraints. Our product offers an entry point to advanced data integration by prioritizing initial low costs, making powerful ETL tools accessible even to small businesses with limited budgets. Pay only for how much you use.

Use Cases

Endless potential. See how business users can benefit from using DataLux Tube.

Financial Services Cross-Selling

Integrating CRM data with financial transaction records to identify cross-selling opportunities. The system analyzes customer behavior, transaction patterns, and product preferences, enabling targeted marketing efforts and personalized cross-selling strategies that have led to increased product adoption and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Wealth Management

Integrating CRM data with investment portfolios and market trends for personalized wealth management. The system enables advisors to offer tailored investment recommendations, optimize asset allocation, and provide clients with a more personalized and effective wealth management experience.

Retail Inventory Optimization

Integrating data from point-of-sale systems, supplier databases, and inventory management systems to optimize stock levels. The system analyzes sales trends, supplier performance, and seasonal demand to facilitate better inventory planning, reduce stockouts, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Hospitality Guest Experience

Integrating data from reservations, customer profiles, and feedback systems to personalize the guest experience. The system analyzes guest preferences, previous stays, and feedback to tailor services, offers, and recommendations, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Retail E-commerce Optimization

Integrating data from CRM, inventory management, and online sales platforms for real-time insights. By unifying customer data, purchase history, and inventory levels, the system optimizes product recommendations, enhances customer segmentation, and boosts overall sales performance.

Agriculture Precision Farming

Integrating data from weather forecasts, soil health monitoring, and crop yield records. The system enables precision farming by analyzing environmental conditions, optimizing irrigation and fertilization schedules, and providing actionable insights for improved crop yield and resource utilization.

Application You Can Trust

With scalability and security in mind making data stress-free for your business

Fine-grained security and control

99% availability SLA

Self-sufficient SaaS

Fully auditable

SSO integration

Real-time alerting

Private-cloud version

Dedicated support

Step into Seamless Data Integration – Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting!

Kick off rapid data movement without the complexity of coding, ensuring seamless automation and real-time data access for the business.

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