DataLux Spot Reconciliation

Automated financial reconciliation software for a range of financial data, with a plethora of connectors and adaptors. Helping your business to reduce time and resource spent on manual tasks.

Reconciliation Platform

Reconcile complex financial datasets, with our streamlined, automated and secure solution

Payments reconciliation

Compare internal, ledger based, financial record data with external data, like bank statements, making sure accounting is correct.

Bank reconciliation

Reconcile against all kinds of bank records, including transaction, card payments, cash, digital waller, disbursements, deposits and more.

Trade reconciliation

Identify and resolve trade breaks part of the post-trade activities. Easily capture and report mismatched amounts, incorrect account, insufficient funds and other trade attributes.

Accounts reconciliation

Reconcile assets and liabilities money balances for each account closing period, verify accounts payable outstandings with payable account balance information from external ledger data.

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DataLux Spot
Core Features

Significantly reduce time, cost and effort spent on reconciliation. DataLux Spot can reconcile complex datasets from various sources, in different formats providing always up-to-date results in seconds.

  • Đ•nhanced control and auditability, improved operational efficiency while business user friendly
  • Fully automated, real-time
  • Integrate with existing transaction, reporting, ERP and other software
  • Bespoke reporting, BI dashboards

Key Benefits

Why your business should start using our reconciliation tool today

Mitigate Operational Risk

  • Significant reduction in the manual effort required
  • Focus on important tasks by using appropriate risk measurement and management
  • Enhanced control and improved operational efficiency

Reduce Costs

  • Business users to focus on their core tasks
  • No need to hire IT staff
  • No need to hire finance team
  • No need to spend on software maintenance, updates
  • Reduce capital outlay and ongoing costs by using our subscription model

Flexible & Scalable

  • Achieve full automation by standardising reconciliation data
  • Industry agnostic
  • Minimal IT resources needed as the users are self-sufficient
  • Scale by only adding computing resources, leveraging the latest technologies and the cloud

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