About Us

A company creating software to enable our customers to focus on business and let technology handle the rest.

By focusing on providing seamless integration with a variety of third-party solutions and using latest technologies our customers can achieve manifold reduction in their cost and time spent on manual processes and can observe increased operational excellence and efficiency.

DataLux was created as a next step to distill our experience into a business solution based on our previous project works and market needs.

We believe that technology should be an enabler of businesses. Modern software is a great tool to eliminate manual tasks and with advanced technologies like AI & ML create new opportunities for businesses. To fulfill a business role often several software are required creating which is becoming a burden.

That is why our core principle and motto is to give a single, best in class tool for our customers, so they can focus on what they need to do and not on how to work around a plethora of individual applications.

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7901 4th Street North
St. Petersburg,
FL 33702

+1 (781) 921 4657