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Leverage conversational AI to streamline your travel booking and support experiences

With expertise in AI technologies, machine learning, and natural language processing, DataLux creates end-to-end chatbot solutions for the travel industry that boost customer experience and engagement.

Boost your customer experience

What can AI unlock for your business?

Enhanced Booking Experiences

Provide your customers with personalized recommendations based on their interests, budget and travel dates. Keep your customers up to date in real-time, suggesting alternative options if they need to cancel or if disruptions occur.

Automated Communications and Support

Reduce your operational costs by leveraging chatbots to automate customer support and streamline communications like booking confirmations and itinerary updates.

Deeper Customer Relationships

Continue to provide value for your customers beyond their booking. Once a customer’s trip has begun, leverage AI to provide location-based suggestions or offer translation services. Automate CRM with post-trip communications to increase customer lifetime value.

Holiday booking online

Chatbots can facilitate the following use cases for the travel industry

Empowers your businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making.

Automate routine tasks, such as check-ins and reservations, freeing up staff to focus on providing high-quality service and improving operational efficiency.


Provide personalized recommendations and answer customer questions about destinations, pricing and availability.


Streamline the booking process and automate follow up communications.


Automate support tasks such as itinerary changes, cancellations, and payment issues, freeing your agents up for more bespoke support.


Provide even more value for your customers with location-based restaurant and activity recommendations based on their preferences.


Potentials of AI Adoption


Reduction in customer support costs


Increase in revenue with personalization


Improvement in customer satisfaction


Increase in actionable insights

How We Do It?

If you’re interested in leveraging conversational AI to improve efficiency and customer experience for your travel business, DataLux can help. We provide tailored solutions to build intelligent chatbots with specialized domain knowledge and advanced capabilities to meet specific business needs.

We employ a simple, but bespoke approach focused on your needs. Our process involves these steps:



Start by booking a consultation call, where we will discuss your business and operational needs.


Preparation & Design

We then select and gather data for the project, designing the model and chatbot solution architecture.


Model Development

We identify the best algorithm for the project, train it with test data, evaluate its performance, and then optimize the model to maximize predictive accuracy.


Deployment & Maintenance

The model is released into a production environment. We continuously monitor the model for accuracy, detecting and handling data drift and retraining.

AI Tools and Technologies We Frequently Use

EleutherAI GPT-NeoX

Upgrade your customer experience and engagement using generative, conversiational AI technologies like chatbots and ChatGPT.

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