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Automate your reporting, consolidate your accounts and rely on a single source of truth.

DataLux Spot screenshot

DataLux Spot

Significantly reduce time, cost and effort spent on reconciliation. DataLux Spot can reconcile complex datasets from various sources, in different formats providing always up-to-date results in seconds.

  • Đ•nhanced control and auditability, improved operational efficiency while business user friendly
  • Fully automated, real-time
  • Integrate with existing transaction, reporting, ERP and other software
  • Bespoke reporting, BI dashboards

DataLux Concourse
Construction Operations & Payroll

Specialised software solution tailored for construction companies, helping them to handle customer, sales, financial reporting and payroll functionalities in one place. One stop shop to stay on top the business.

  • Automated payroll calculation and reporting
  • Invoice management and financial reporting
  • Project level handling of prevailing wage, union, fringe and tax rates
  • Integrate with existing CRM, ERP and accounting solutions

DataLux Fuse
Financial Reporting Automation

Connect accounting software to our solution and generate custom reports and dashboards. Get rid of error-prone and time consuming manual effort.

  • Integrates with popular tools like Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • Bespoke reports: from fine grained transaction data to drill-down reports
  • Download data or import it into online spreadsheet tools
  • Consolidated financial reporting from multiple sources and periods

Key benefits of DataLux

Industry Specific

  • We successfully delivered several projects while creating business value for our customers.
  • During those we accumulated strong domain expertise knowledge which is put into work in our solutions.


  • By using our solutions you can increase the performance of your organisation,
  • reduce time and effort spent on manual tasks and error,
  • achieve more without hiring new staff.
  • Increased operational excellence.

Cost Reduction

  • By spending time in fewer applications and systems, allowing your team to deliver the same results within a shorter time, focusing more on their business.
  • Reduced time remediating errors by manual processes.
  • Automated technology allows your business to scale without additional resources.

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