Accelerate & Organize Critical Aspects of Your Business

Reduce operating costs with automation, modernize your processes with AI technology, and store all of your business’s data in a single platform.

Chatbot & ChatGPT Development

Reinvent the customer experience & interaction with AI

Transform customer interactions for enterprises by developing an intelligent chatbot that incorporates machine learning, NLP, text analytics and automation.

Leverage the immense potential of generative AI to effortlessly address a wide range of customer service inquiries, spanning numerous channels and languages, while minimizing the required effort.

  • AI chatbots with custom knowledge
  • ChatGPT integration & consulting
  • Winning customer experiences
  • Complement capabilities

DataLux Spot

Significantly reduce time, cost and effort spent on reconciliation. DataLux Spot can reconcile complex datasets from various sources, in different formats providing always up-to-date results in seconds.

  • Drastically reduce time with one easy-to-use automated system
  • Import data in real-time to make better informed business decisions
  • Seamlessly integrate accounting software, transaction details, and banking data into a single, organized platform
  • Generate customized, tailored reporting specific to your business's needs

DataLux Concourse
Construction Operations & Payroll

Specialised software solution tailored to construction companies. Organize customers, sales, financial reporting, and payroll functionalities in one, single place. State-of-the-art technology to stay ahead and easily expand.

  • Reduce operating costs with automated payroll calculation and reporting
  • Easily organize and manage invoices and financial reporting
  • Systemize prevailing wages, union rights, fringe, and tax rates for specific projects
  • Effortlessly integrate CRM, ERP, and accounting solutions into our single software platform

DataLux Fuse
Financial Reporting Automation

Get rid of error-prone, time consuming manual effort! Our software automates financial reporting by connecting to your accounting software and generating custom, accurate reports and dashboards.

  • Conveniently integrate with popular tools like Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • Generate bespoke reports: from fine grained transaction data to drill-down reports
  • Download data or import it into our efficient, online spreadsheet tools
  • Easily navigate consolidated financial reporting, from multiple sources and periods, all in one place

Key benefits of DataLux

Made for Growing Businesses

  • Our experience in helping businesses become efficient and organized has allowed us to produce valuable software tailored to specific needs
  • By listening to our customer's needs, we've created software that not only aids in the expansion of your business, but develops alongside it

Systematic Software

  • Drastically improve the performance of your organization with our innovative software
  • Automate complex tasks and reduce time and effort spent on error-prone manual tasks
  • Achieve more with fewer staff with robust technology that efficiently does the work for you


  • Spend less time in multiple applications and systems with all your data imported into one automated platform
  • With automated tracking, greatly reduce hours spent resolving hard-to-find errors
  • AI Technology and Machine Learning allow your business to scale without additional resources

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