DataLux Concourse
Construction Operations & Payroll

Simplify all the busywork that comes with managing and operating your business. Streamline information regarding potential jobs, current job sites, employees, and contractors in one, automated system.

Manage and Streamline Customer & Project Information

Operating a construction company can be overwhelming. Aside from managing the project organization, there’s also a multitude of paperwork to track, plus important customers to keep happy. Beyond that, it’s critical to continue prospecting for your next customer. While the industry isn’t traditionally associated with cutting-edge technology, that’s quickly changing.

DataLux Concourse aims to help you manage every facet of your operation. Our tailored construction management software organizes every aspect. From tracking future opportunities, to winning clients, automating repetitive tasks, managing employees, and more. Free up your time so you can commit yourself to higher-value tasks.

  • Monitor the progress and status of a tender from its initiation until its acceptance
  • Keep everyone informed and up to date in one place
  • Connect other applications to sync all your customers', bank and other data
  • Access information everywhere: even on the go or on site

We are trusted by clients around the globe. Join them now and grow your business.

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